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Crescent - Professional 12 in. Measuring Wheel

Crescent - Professional 12 in. Measuring Wheel

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Product Description:

Experience professional-grade precision with the Crescent Lufkin PSMW48CL, a 12-inch measuring wheel designed for accuracy and convenience. Featuring a centerline wheel for enhanced balance, a gear-based measuring system for durability, and a bolstered folding joint for compact storage, this measuring wheel is perfect for a range of applications.

The heavy-duty wheel wiper prevents debris buildup, and the glare-resistant counter is easy to read. With an ergonomic dual-material pistol grip handle, a built-in kickstand, and an analog counter dial that resets at 10,000 ft., this measuring wheel is a reliable companion for various measuring tasks.


  • Centerline wheel for increased balance and accurate measurements
  • Gear-based measuring system for accuracy and durability
  • Bolstered folding joint for compact storage and extended product life
  • Heavy-duty wheel wiper prevents debris buildup
  • Glare-resistant counter with an easy-to-read analog dial
  • Analog counter dial resets at 10,000 ft.
  • Ergonomic dual material pistol grip handle
  • Built-in kickstand for added stability
  • Counter dial ascends to 9999 ft., 11 in. before rolling over to 0
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