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Calculated Industries DigiRoller Plus III - Digital Measuring Wheel

Calculated Industries DigiRoller Plus III - Digital Measuring Wheel

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Product Description: 

The Calculated Industries DigiRoller Plus III is the ultimate digital measuring wheel designed for professionals in construction, paving, landscaping, and surveying. This advanced tool can measure and calculate length, width, height, area, volumes, and perimeters, including circular calculations, with precision and efficiency.

With its heavy-duty 12.5-inch diameter wheel, the DigiRoller Plus III rolls smoothly over all types of terrain. The center-line design ensures balance and accuracy, while the sealed gear drive provides better protection for enhanced longevity.

Included with the DigiRoller Plus III is a carrying case, 9-volt battery, user's guide, reflective safety tape for added visibility, and a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. With 99.5% accuracy, this digital measuring wheel is a reliable companion for professionals who demand precision in their measurements."


  • Easy-to-Use Handle-Mounted Controls with 7-Digit Backlit Display
  • Works in US or Metric Units, Including Acres and Hectares for Area Measurements
  • Automatic Calculation of Areas and Perimeters
  • Addition and Subtraction of Linear, Area, and Volume Values
  • Memory Function for Totals and Averages
  • Heavy-duty 12.5-inch Diameter Wheel for Smooth Rolling
  • Center-Line Design for Balance and Accuracy
  • Sealed Gear Drive for Enhanced Protection
  • Built-In Carrying Handle and Folds to Half Size for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Sturdy Flip-Down Kickstand for Convenience
  • Includes Carrying Case, 9-Volt Battery, User's Guide, Reflective Safety Tape, 2-Year Warranty
  • 99.5% Accuracy
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