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Trail Chasers Ground Yellow Markers - 25 Pack

Trail Chasers Ground Yellow Markers - 25 Pack

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Introducing Orange Trail Chasers Ground Markers with this 50-piece package, including 25 orange whiskers and 25 light stakes. These markers are specially designed for high visibility, durability, and flexibility, offering ease of deployment, movement, and retrieval. Ideal for industrial use, marking buried utility lines, communication lines, alarm or signal lines, cables, conduits, construction sites, and hazard markers. Also perfect for home use, marking hiking trails, hunting locations, garden layouts, landscape designs, athletic fields, steel challenge and paintball fields, and social distancing.

The original Trail Chasers branded ground markers feature highly durable 6-inch yellow plastic whiskers and lightweight non-rust stakes that can be easily driven into the ground for marking positions. Unlike traditional flagging tape and wire flags, Trail Chasers are highly visible, rugged, reusable, and impervious to wind and dirt.


  • Package Includes: 25 Orange Whiskers and 25 Light Stakes
  • Material: Durable Plastic Whiskers, Non-Rust Stakes
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Visibility: High
  • Reusability: Yes
  • Color: Yellow
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