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GEV220A Multi-function Cable for Leica Total-station

GEV220A Multi-function Cable for Leica Total-station

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Product Description

The GEV220A Multi-function Cable is a versatile and indispensable accessory for your Leica Total Station. This high-quality cable features a Bayonet 8 Pin connector on Port A, a Cluster/COM 9 Pin connector on Port B, and a 2P/SAE Power Plug on Port C. With this all-in-one power and data cable, you can ensure seamless communication and power supply for your Total Station.

Designed to meet the demands of surveying and geospatial professionals, this cable is compatible with Leica Total Stations and is essential for transferring data and powering your equipment. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of the GEV220A cable for all your surveying needs.

  • Multi-function Power and Data Cable for Leica Total Stations
  • Bayonet 8 Pin Connector (Port A)
  • Cluster/COM 9 Pin Connector (Port B)
  • 2P/SAE Power Plug (Port C)
  • Ideal for Surveying and Geospatial Applications
  • Durable and Versatile Design


  • Port A: Bayonet 8 Pin
  • Port B: Cluster/COM 9 Pin
  • Port C: 2P/SAE Power Plug
  • Compatibility: Leica Total Stations
  • Material: High-quality, durable materials for longevity and performance.
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