360 Prisms

A 360-degree prism works similarly to a circular prism with the main difference being in it provides a permanent and continuous reflection of the EDM signal. Additionally, 360 prism is much easier to use once a pole operator needs to move quickly from one point to another. 360 robotic prisms are the best choice when it comes to using robotic total stations.

A 360-degree prism consists of six corner cubes that are joined together into one. This unique type of equipment allows the measuring beam to reflect the beam directly back to its source from any position of the prism set.

This surveying equipment can be used for all types of surveying works done with a robotic total station and surveying pole. These types of the prism are also used for monitoring buildings, railways, tunnels, dams, etc.

When we talk about survey products, this type of equipment can have several different types and models. They can be large 360° (Leica GPR 122, GRZ 4) or mini 360 prism (Leica mini grz101 and mpr122) as well as different brands such as Leica, Sokkia, Seco, Topcon, etc.

360° prism is currently one of the most useful prisms with which you can perform most construction and engineering jobs with great ease.

You can find this type of accessories in our online store. All our 360° prism products are of high quality and are used to help with the most precise construction and geodetic works.