Monitoring Prisms

Monitoring prisms are your new best friend! These robust prisms are specifically designed for long-term attachment to buildings, bridges, or any structure that needs movement tracking. Unlike their 360° counterparts, monitoring prisms come in various shapes and sizes to fit different mounting scenarios. They work seamlessly with total stations, reflecting laser beams and enabling precise distance and angle measurements over extended periods.

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Scanning Targets

Explore our comprehensive collection of scanning targets, meticulously designed to facilitate precise data capture and measurements in various surveying and geospatial applications. Our high-quality scanning targets, available in diverse colors and configurations, cater to the specific needs of professionals in the field, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy during data collection and analysis.

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  • Tribrachs and Carriers

    Precision and accuracy when performing a survey with a total station depends on having quality tribrachs and carriers. They usually come with either a screw for a GNSS antenna, a stub for a prism, a plate level, or an optical plummet, setting up the groundwork for a successful survey.

    Tribrachs and Carriers 
  • Reflective Targets

    Reflective targets are an important tool that help surveyors take as precise measurements as possible. For that reason, they need to be durable and made of quality, UV-resistant materials, especially when used in construction work projects.

    Reflective Targets 
  • Markers, Nails, Bolts, Adapters

    These surveying accessories may look small but are an important part of the entire construction surveying process. Adapters in particular are used to help point the prism towards tribrachs after setting everything in place.

    Field Supplies 
  • Safety Gear

    Each type of survey, especially a construction survey, requires the use of standard safety equipment. Surveyor's safety vests are made out of high-quality materials, usually colored orange or yellow. For added protection, surveyors will incorporate flags, hard hats, and safety gloves for protection in the field.

    Safety Gear 

Precision Measuring Tools for Your Surveying Needs

Welcome to your next go-to place where you can buy all the surveying equipment and accessories that you need. Here you can find a wide selection of products that are specifically aimed at surveying professionals. We offer various collections including all kinds of surveying prisms, screws and adapters, tribrach and carriers, reflective targets, screws and adapters, as well as various field supplies that are aimed at both making you safe and allowing you to achieve accurate and reliable measurements during surveying projects.

Our collection of prisms ranges from mini prisms, perfect for medium-range surveys, to circular and 360 prisms capable of making much more accurate measurements. Let’s not forget about monitoring prisms as well, which are designed to help monitor the movement of structures over a period of time. 

Our collection of adapters is completely compatible with all the latest EDM reflectors, GPS antennas, and Leica prisms. They are made out of various sturdy materials, the likes of stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic, so they can withstand various kinds of environments and surveying needs. 

To help maintain accuracy, an underrated tool that surveyors need are tribrachs that will help your surveying instruments stand fixed and in the same position during a survey. Tribarchs and carries within our collection come with or without an optical plummet and are compatible with modern Leica prisms.

Don’t forget about reflective targets. Our collection includes some very easy-to-use targets, self-adhesive ones, and coming in multiple colors. You can attach each one to a measuring point, helping you achieve precision and resulting in advanced measurements.

More so, you can find all kinds of connectors and field supplies made out of durable materials that are suitable for a wide range of surveying tasks.

Most importantly, all of our products are created in order to meet the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and durability. They can work equally well in the hands of a professional surveyor, or engineer, on a construction site, or even operated by a student. The bottom line is that our collection of products guarantees the best possible results allowing you to finish any type of surveying project with confidence.