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GEV102 Data Cable for Leica Total-station

GEV102 Data Cable for Leica Total-station

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Product Description

The GEV102 Data Cable is a reliable and efficient solution designed for Leica Total Stations. This cable features a Cluster/COM 9 Pin connector on Port A and a Bayonet 5 Pin (S) connector on Port B, making it a versatile choice for data transfer and communication.

Connect your Leica Total Station to the **Leica Small 5 Pin Port** with this high-quality cable to ensure seamless communication and data transfer. Its durable construction guarantees consistent performance in the field.

  • Reliable Data Cable for Leica Total Stations
  • Cluster/COM 9 Pin Connector (Port A)
  • Bayonet 5 Pin (S) Connector (Port B)
  • Ideal for Communication and Data Transfer
  • Durable and High-Quality Design


  • Port A: Cluster/COM 9 Pin
  • Port B: Bayonet 5 Pin (S)
  • Compatibility: Leica Total Stations and Leica Small 5 Pin Port
  • Material: High-quality, durable materials for longevity and performance.
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