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GPH1P Surveying Traverse Kit - Super Accurate

GPH1P Surveying Traverse Kit - Super Accurate

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Product Description:

Enhance your surveying accuracy with the GPH1P Ultra Accurate Prism Kit, a pinnacle of precision for professional surveyors. This comprehensive set includes the GPH1P Prism, renowned for its 2 arcsec beam deviation and robust, copper-coated metal holder, ensuring long-lasting reliability and reflectivity.

Paired with the GZR3 Ultra Precision Carrier and the GDF321 High Precision Tribrach, the kit guarantees unparalleled accuracy for every measurement. Designed for seamless integration with Leica Total Stations, this kit sets a new standard in surveying precision, making it an essential tool for achieving flawless traverse results.


Model - GPH1P
For Total Station - Leica
Height Offset - [86.0mm]
Prism Constant - [+0.0mm]
Beam Deviation - 2arcsec
Working Range - 3500m
Mount - Leica
Coating - Copper

Tribrach: GDF321 

Plummet: GZR3

*Note: You can create the kit you want and email it to us and we will make a new traverse kit for you at a custom price.

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