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GRZ4 - 360 Survey Prism For Leica Total Station

GRZ4 - 360 Survey Prism For Leica Total Station

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If you're looking for a reliable 360-degree survey prism for your Leica robotic total station, the GRZ4 is the perfect solution. This lightweight passive reflector features six corner cube prisms that are joined together for superior performance. The prism has rubber mountings on both the top and bottom to protect it in case of a fall.

With a working range of up to 600m (2000ft), the GRZ4 prism is designed for use with Leica robotic total stations and has an offset of +23.1mm for Leica users and -11mm for non-Leica users. The prism is made of K9 glass and has an overall accuracy of 5mm (1/4'').

At just 0.2kg, the GRZ4 prism is lightweight and easy to transport, and it comes with a carrying bag for added convenience. While it's not an original Leica product, the GRZ4 360 survey prism is a high-quality alternative that provides exceptional performance for your total station needs.


Model - GRZ4
For Total Station - Leica
Height Offset - [86.0mm]
Prism Constant - [+23.1mm]
Beam Deviation - 5arcsec
Working Range - 2000 ft. (600m)
Mount - Leica
Coating - Copper
Carrying Bag - Yes

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