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Marksman Surveying Mini Tripod with Fixed Prism Mount #010

Marksman Surveying Mini Tripod with Fixed Prism Mount #010

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Introducing the Marksman Surveying Mini Tripod with Fixed Prism Mount – a precision-engineered solution designed for total station surveyors seeking unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and a hands-free targeting experience. Tailored for point measurement and layout tasks, this mini tripod boasts a range of features that elevate its performance in the field.

Crafted from durable 3/4" powder-coated aluminum, the Marksman ensures robust stability with its 8" leg base and 2.5" diameter swivel foot, guaranteeing steadfastness even in challenging wind conditions. The swivel feet and ergonomically designed comfort grips enhance portability, making it effortlessly easy to carry while maintaining user-friendly functionality for measuring control points, property bars, nails, spikes, cut-crosses, monuments, anchor bolts, and more.

Equipped with a fixed standard 5/8-11 threaded prism mount, the Marksman is specifically tailored for 360° Leica prisms with a bayonet mount and GPS receivers that do not require a rotating mount. This design choice ensures the prism remains perfectly square to the instrument, enhancing overall measurement accuracy. The thread tensioning mechanism and removable/adjustable 1" handle provide versatility and ease of use in various surveying applications.

The Marksman goes beyond conventional tripods by incorporating two mounted tubular levels set at 90 degrees and in line with the leveling legs. This unique design facilitates quick and precise leveling, with a level sensitivity of 9.5'/0.050"0. Additionally, the mini tripod allows seamless integration with a data collector, enabling complete hands-free targeting for efficient surveying operations.

In summary, the Marksman Surveying Mini Tripod redefines the standards for total station surveying tools, offering unparalleled accuracy, durability, and versatility. Elevate your surveying experience with the precision and convenience embodied in the Marksman – the epitome of cutting-edge technology in the field.


  • Material: 3/4" powder-coated aluminum construction
  • Base Dimensions: 8" leg base, 2.5" diameter swivel foot
  • Prism Mount: Fixed standard 5/8-11 threaded mount
  • Thread Tensioning: Included for stability
  • Handle: Removable and adjustable 1" handle
  • Levels: Two tubular levels set at 90 degrees, in line with leveling legs
  • Level Sensitivity: 9.5'/0.050"0
  • Portability: Swivel feet and comfort grips for easy carrying
  • Compatibility: Designed for 360° Leica prisms with bayonet mount, and GPS receivers without a rotating mount
  • Data Collector Integration: Handle allows for hands-free targeting with a data collector
  • Dimensions: Compact and lightweight design
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