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MPR122 360 Degree Prism for Leica Total Station

MPR122 360 Degree Prism for Leica Total Station

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The MPR122 360 prism is a high-quality surveying tool designed for use with a Leica total station. It features a 360-degree prism which allows for complete coverage and measurement from any angle. The prism has a working range of up to 300m, making it suitable for a wide range of surveying applications.

The MPR122 360 prism is compatible with a Leica CRP1 prism pole and has a centering accuracy of ±2.0mm, ensuring accurate measurements every time. It also has an offset of +28.1mm, which allows for precise measurement even when the prism is not centered exactly on the target.

This prism has a height of 100mm and features a 5/8″ x 11 male and female connector, which allows for easy attachment to a total station or prism pole. Overall, the MPR122 360 prism is a reliable and accurate tool for any surveying project.


Model - MPR122
For Total Station - Leica
Height Offset - [50.0mm]
Prism Constant - [+28.1mm]
Beam Deviation - 3arcsec
Working Range - 1000 ft. (300m)
Mount - 5/8" Male, 5/8" Female
Coating - Copper
Carrying Bag - Yes

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